ISSNAF Annual Event celebrates its mission to promote scientific, academic, and technological cooperation amongst Italian researchers and scholars active in North America, strengthening the network and focusing in particular on the work of young investigators, whose commitment to their discipline of study is innovative, impactful, and honors their country of origin.
The 2014 ISSNAF Annual Event was held at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC on November 12-13. Prominent Italian scientists and young researchers active in North America gave their professional contribution to the brainstorming on Cybersciences and their influence on different fields of scientific research.
Brainstorming Session - Short Talks
The series of short talks on the topic “Cybersciences and Research: Promoting a Perfect Match, Avoiding a Perfect Storm”, attended by our distinguished speakers and guests, is available at the following links:
Elisa Bertino Short Talk
Elisa Bertino, Research Director, CERIAS, Purdue University
Information security and database systems from medicine to the humanities
Recent technological advances and novel applications, such as sensors, cyber-physical systems, smart mobile devices, cloud systems, data analytics, and social networks, are making possible to capture, process, and share huge amounts of data – referred to as big data - and to extract useful knowledge, such as patterns, from this data and predict trends and events.
Valerio Pascucci Short Talk
Valerio Pascucci, Director, Center for Extreme Data Management Analysis and Visualization, University of Utah
Big Data and the scientific method
A great opportunity to achieve new scientific discoveries and engineering innovations; A great opportunity for the Computer Science community to become a key player in the development of modern science; A great opportunity for all communities to become strongly engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration; A great opportunity for our community to build the new “telescope” of modern science and engineering
Cinzia Zuffada Short Talk
Cinzia Zuffada, Associate Chief Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsory Laboratory, Caltech
Massive distributed data: the future of space research
The communication describes the environment and characteristics of space research, consistent with NASA goals of exploration of the solar system and beyond. This is an endeavor that is predicated on data, in fact a lot of it! Very precious, first-of-a-kind data to be made available to the international research community and to the public.
Camillo Ricordi Short Talk
Camillo Ricordi, Director, Diabetes Research Institute and Cell transplant Program, University of Miami
Tele-science platform technologies to eliminate geographic barriers to collaborative efforts in medicine
The only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing. Opportunity is connecting and synergizing collaborative efforts on the path to a biologic cure. If you are dependent on innovation solely from inside your institute/center/ laboratory, you will lose.

Alberto Spinazzi Short Talk
Alberto Spinazzi, Senior Vice President, Bracco Group
Innovation in healthcare: an industry perspective
This abstract will be soon online!

Anthony C. Masi Short Talk
Anthony C. Masi, Provost, McGill University
Facing the challenge: Universities in the digital age
Over the last decade, the development of new information technologies and big data management has radically changed expectations and practices in higher education. These alterations represent both a threat to and an opportunity for universities. Universities are also facing financial pressures and calls to be more efficient in the ways in which resources are deployed.
The results and next steps of the interesting brainstorming, in terms of both opportunities and threats posed by Cybersciences to the world of research, are summarized in a comprehensive abstract, with the goal of stimulating further discussion and involve a wider audience.

The event in Washington DC unfolds in 2 days of meetings, brainstorming, networking and celebration of talents:
DAY 1: 12th November 2014
Day-1 of the Annual Event culminated in the award ceremony, honoring Professor Andrew Viterbi with the ISSNAF Lifetime Achievement Award in acknowledgment of his revolutionary and creative contribution to scientific development in the field of Information Technology, a pioneering work that helped bring about the digital age and brought great prestige to Italy.

The Award, a sculpture realized by world famous Italian artist Oliviero Rinaldi, was presented to him by H.E. Ambassador of Italy to the U.S. Claudio Bisogniero.

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DAY 2: 13th November 2014
Day-2 was dedicated to Young ISSNAF, featuring a symposium and the presentation of the 2014 ISSNAF Awards for Young Investigators in the fields of:

  • Bio-Medicine & Cognitive Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Physics, Astrophysics, Chemistry, & Mathematics
  • Paola Campese Award for Research on Leukemias
  • Franco Strazzabosco Award for Young Engineers
2014 ISSNAF Awards for Young Investigators
The 5 winners - selected among 42 finalists by a jury of experts in each sector - received by ISSNAF President Vito Campese the Medaglia di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica Italiana and a monetary prize of $3,000.

Pictures and video of the 2014 Annual Event are available at ISSNAF media gallery

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