Join us for an online event

Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic


ISSNAF Annual Event Webinar

Towards a Resilient Future Through Science


In cooperation with the Embassy of Italy to the United States


December 1, 2020

12:00pm EST / 18:00 CET







Opening Remarks                                                                                                         


12:00pm     Armando VarricchioAmbassador of Italy to the United States

                   Gaetano ManfrediItalian Minister of University and Research

                   Cinzia ZuffadaAssociate Chief Scientist of NASA/JPL and President 

                   of ISSNAF

Introduction Video                                                                                                         

12:15pm     Video/Testimonial about Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign on behalf of

                   three Italian hospitals 

Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation                                                                   

12:20pm     Presented by Antonella Nota, ESA Office Head of Space Telescope

                   Science Institute and Chair of Scientific Council of ISSNAF

                   Lecture by Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Guido Calabresi,

                   Senior U.S. Circuit Judge

Young Investigator Awards Presentation                                                                      

12:40pm     P. CAMPESE AWARD

                   Presented by Damiano Rondelli, University of Illinois at Chicago

                   Professor, Chair of Award Jury


                   F. STRAZZABOSCO AWARD

                   Presented by Marcello Romano, Naval Postgraduate School

                   Professor, Chair of Award Jury

                   M. GERLA AWARD

                   Presented by Elisa Bertino, Purdue University Professor, Chair of

                   Award Jury

                   EMBASSY OF ITALY AWARD

                   Presented by Camillo Ricordi, University of Miami Professor, Chair of

                   Award Jury

Announcements & Conclusion                                                                                      

13:20pm     Announcements and plans for 2021

                   Introduced by Enrica D’Ettorre, Vice President of ISSNAF 

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