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Dr. Patrizia Rossi joins the ISSNAF Scientific Council

Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Patrizia Rossi on her appointment to the ISSNAF Scientific Council!

Dr. Rossi serves as the Co-chair of the 2023 ISSNAF Young Investigator INFN Bruno Touschek Award for Research in Fundamental Physics (see Call for applications YI 2023 | ISSNAF).

Patrizia Rossi joined Jefferson Lab as the Deputy Associate Director for Nuclear Physics in 2012. She graduated in Physics from the University of Rome in 1986. In 1990 she obtained a permanent position at the LNF-INFN (Italy), where she is now Research Director (on leave). Her scientific research activity has been/is carried out in the field of hadron and nuclear physics aimed at studying the structure of the nucleon and the nature of strong interaction in terms of fundamental constituents of Quantum Chromodynamics. In addition to her research at Jefferson Lab, she has carried out experiments at DESY, ESRF, LNF. Since 2013 she has been a Research Professor at George Washington University. She is Managing Editor for “Reviews” and “Letters to the Editors” of EPJA. She served/is serving on many Scientific Committees among which the US High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) and the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee (NSAC). She has co-authored over 250 refereed journal papers.



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