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UNIPI Italian Summer Student Program at Fermilab

Congratulations to the 27 students admitted to this program in 2023!

The UNIPI Italian Summer Student Program at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) started in 1983 within the rapidly growing collaboration among the University of Pisa, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Italy (INFN) and Fermilab. The father of this program was Prof. Giorgio Bellettini, Emeritus Professor at the University of Pisa, who had been at Fermilab since 1980 coordinating the INFN physicists involved with the CDF (Collider Detector at Fermilab) experiment, designed and built by a collaboration of researchers from US, Italy and Japan.

In the first year, three undergraduate physics students from the University of Pisa worked for three months at the construction of the Collider Detector. Over the following 40 years, with almost 600 physics, engineering, and computer science students employed at all Fermilab Divisions, the program has become part of the extensive Fermilab educational effort.

In order to spread more broadly the beneficial effects of the program among EU students, the University of Pisa has included this program among its educational Summer Schools since the year 2015. The University of Pisa Summer School is also part of the Outreach programs of a number of European Projects and Regione Toscana Projects.

The program is coordinated by:

- Prof. Giorgio Bellettini, Emeritus, University of Pisa

- Prof. Simone Donati, Physics Department, University of Pisa

- Prof. Emanuela Barzi, Superconducting R&D Group Leader, Fermilab

- Dr. Marco Mambelli, Senior Software Developer, Fermilab

The Summer Students are supported by CAIF, an ISSNAF chapter. CAIF debuted in 1995 with the purpose of preserving and spreading the Italian culture within the Italian expats' community as well as the American community. CAIF has helped Italian students and visitors get acquainted with the American style of living and working. CAIF is currently endeavoring to create the Fermilab Alumni Network connecting past Summer Students and preserving their ties with Fermilab.



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