Young ISSNAF is the “network-inside-the-network” of under-40 ISSNAF affiliates, Italian investigators and scholars of all areas of scientific and academic research.

Young-ISSNAF is a platform for promoting career opportunities, a virtual space to share experiences, seek advice and find collaborators.
We are willing to take the challenge of prospering with wisdom, expertise, dignity and knowledge outside of Italy, within a community of Italians, ready to do our part for the growth of our Nation.
Mentorship program

The New 2018 Young ISSNAF Mentorship Program is now open!


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” (O.Winfrey)

Objectives & RulesObjectives & rules
Young-ISSNAF mentorship program, open to all ISSNAF affiliates, aims to support junior Italian scientists and scholars in their career choices and professional growth.

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Mentors & Mentees Mentors & Mentees
Mentors serving in this program are all ISSNAF senior affiliates.
Mentees must be under 40 years of age or have obtained the PhD/Medical Residency degree no more than 10 years before the mentorship application.

To become an ISSNAF Affiliate go to AFFILIATION FORM
If you would like additional information about the Mentorship Program, please write to mentorship@issnaf.org

Apply Apply
To apply please fill this this application form and send it together with the complete curriculum vitae to mentorship@issnaf.org.

Applications will be carefully reviewed by ISSNAF Staff who will try to accommodate Mentees preferences.

For any issue regarding technical issues with the application process please contact web@issnaf.org

Mentorship lectures
Mario Strazzabosco, Full Professor at Yale University School of Medicine
Mario Strazzabosco Lecture

Mario Strazzabosco, is Professor of Gastroenterology at Università Milano-Bicocca and Full Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. In this mentorship lecture to the Seattle ISSNAF Chapter, Strazzabosco recounts his professional path and emphasizes the relevance of international collaborations.

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Career development
Planning an effective career path based on good information is crucial to enhance researcher’s excellence and competitiveness.

Prof. Antonello Bonci, National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH
How to be a successful junior faculty
It all depends on one word: COMMUNICATION!
Prof. Mario Strazzabosco, Yale University
How to develop scientific collaborations with Italy
You should really remain open to all the daily opportunities that your professional life is going to provide you.
Funding opportunities
Here are the links to funding agencies and philanthropic associations financing fellowships and/or research projects for young investigators abroad.

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Partners & Initiatives


Issa Wiki

ISSA WIKIItalian Scientists & Scholars in America Online Encyclopedia.

A comprehensive overview on Italian intellectual migration, from its origins in the 16th century until this day.

An encyclopedia studying the influence and contribution of Italians on cultural life in the United States and Canada.