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ISSNAF is an organization entirely based on volunteers. Your support is essential to make our community operate and grow. We can use your skills to develop our infrastructure and carry out our operations, and can use your monetary donations to fund our programs.

Help grow the organization!

Contact your Chapter or Activity Group to collaborate on:

  • Operational support

  • Event planning and execution

  • Community building

  • Partnership with local Italian Consulate, the Italian Cultural Institute and other local organizations

  • Fundraising & development

  • Hosting a colleague or a student in your institute

  • Be a resource, a mentor and a champion

Give back!

Contact to:

  • Become a Mentor to early career researchers in North America and to graduate students in Italy interested in a visit to North America

  • Give your suggestions on how we can best support our community

Many thanks to those who contribute to our programs!

2021 Contributors to ISSNAF

2021 Contributors to ISSNAF

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