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ISSNAF collaborates with other institutions and manages the award process in celebrating Italian talents in all disciplines.

  • Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia International Award
    Established by the IIC New York, ISSNAF and the Elena Cornaro Center in 2024 to honor women scientists of Italian citizenship who work in the US and have distinguished themselves for excellence in research, for continuity of commitment, for vision and leadership, for the impact of their findings on the international community.  Two outstanding scientists were recognized in 2024:  Prof. Paola Arlotta for pioneering contributions to understanding the human brain development and a notable commitment to increase diversity through teaching and outreach, and Prof. Elisa Bertino for sustained excellence in many research areas in the discipline of computer science, including information security and database systems, and a commitment to correct its gender imbalance.

  • Leonardo 500 Award
    Sponsored by the Leonardo da Vinci Society in the Bay Area in cooperation with the ISSNAF Bay Area Chapter


  • Intesa Sanpaolo Award for Innovation & Circular Economy Award in 2017
    Managed by the ISSNAF Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter



Contact to learn how your institution can sponsor an award.

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