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Networking Event

ISSNAF reaches out to and connects the Italian Intellectual Diaspora in North America. The guidelines to be considered part of the Diaspora are: 

  • Be first generation Italian

  • Hold a university degree

  • Conduct or have conducted research or development in any discipline

  • Have, or have had, at least one year of affiliation with a public or private institution in North America


Today, ISSNAF connects more than 3600 scholars, researchers and technologists in North America.

ISSNAF Chapters carry out the ISSNAF mission at the local level.  Supported by active members and volunteers, our Chapters are active in:

  • Promoting networking with colleagues with a shared heritage

  • Organizing in-person and online events of interest to their community

  • Highlighting talent, including early career researchers

  • Partnering with local institutions on synergistic programs, including the Italian Consulate and the Italian Cultural Institute

  • Assisting in the implementation of national ISSNAF programs, such as awards and fellowships

  • Nominating candidates to leadership roles in ISSNAF

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