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Exciting news for all the Italians out there! Read the article just published by Sole 24 Ore

Exciting news for all the Italians out there! An article has just been published on the prestigious Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper, highlighting the success of Italian scientists, entrepreneurs, and startups in the Silicon Valley!

Here are the highlights:

-Nearly 400 Italians have made a name for themselves in the land of tech and innovation. From scientists and academics to entrepreneurs, investors, and startups, they're all making their mark in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

-ISSNAF, Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation, is making great strides in this arena. The Bay Area Chapter has close to 400 members and growing.

-The Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council is also active, bringing together top tech executives.

-The Italian government-supported center for innovation Innovit - Italian Innovation and Culture Hub, led by Alberto Acito, is bringing Italian startups and SMEs to San Francisco.

-The Italian presence in the Silicon Valley includes both pioneers and younger arrivals, with a mix of women and men.

-Italian academics are also making their mark in the Silicon Valley, with at least 15 top professors from the Stanford University alone.

Italians are contributing to fields ranging from economy, aeronautics, computer science, AI, engineering, energy, chemistry, and even art and history!

While the Italian presence in the Silicon Valley is increasing, there are still many challenges to be addressed:

Pierluigi Zappacosta, the dean of the Italian presence, and co-founder of Logitech, highlights the long decline of Italian industrial presence.

However, he also sees a new phase on the horizon, with greater coordination and support.

This is a necessary and exciting new chapter for Italy's innovation economy, and we must invest in our young people and basic research, with synergies between the academic and industrial worlds.

Let's celebrate these Italian success stories in the Silicon Valley and continue to support their growth and impact!



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