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ISSNAF Stories: Interview with Prof. Giorgio Einaudi

Our warmest congratulations to Prof. Giorgio Einaudi on his recent appointment to the ISSNAF Honorary Board!

Prof. Einaudi is a former Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa and has been a Senior Advisor to the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea. He was instrumental in the founding of ISSNAF while a Scientific Attaché at the Embassy of Italy in Washington in 2007.

In this video interview, Prof. Einaudi tells us about the very beginning of ISSNAF and about what are, in his view, the important responsibilities and opportunities of its members.

He talks about his work on the sun and on interdisciplinary collaborations to elaborate long term research strategies to address socially relevant problems related to health, food, environment, energy and transportation.

He advises your Italian researchers to go where the work opportunities are best and where they “feel comfortable.” He tells us he is happy to be “here and there” and in particular when “on the move.”

For all of this and much more, check out the video



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